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Air Cannon

Alright,  you've seen the beer gun on youtube.  But you have not seen this one!  That little wussy gun would just splatter a beer on a target made of plywood.  Ours will shoot right through it, and what a hole it will make.  None of that wussy 1/4" OSB plywood either, we're talking about a full 3/4 form-ply plywood.  The toughest stuff you can get!  Their gun is limited to just beer cans and similar objects of that diameter.  NOT ours,  we can shoot any thing from darts to golf balls to tennis balls, to potatoes to cantaloupe.  Due to our unique design with interchangeable barrels, if we can find a piece of pipe that fits what you want to shoot, we can shoot it. Got any suggestions?

1. Air Cannon strikes target stand

2. Air Cannon explodes 3/4" plywood with soda can

3. Air cannon explodes 3/4" plywood again with soda can.


Next time your out hunting and you buddy reaches in the cooler and pulls out the last can, remember, don't open it,  you might need it for ammo to take out that 300 pound hog tearing up your rice field  !!!


Air Gun Specifications:

Barrel Size : Varies - 1/2" to 6" in inventory

Velocities: varies on size and weight of object.  A full can of soda can't been seen by me untill it's about 200' down range.  it's fast.

Technology : Operates nearly exactly like an ordinary  pellet gun you would get from wal-mart or academy.  There is no combustion chamber or propellant.  Just uses two 5 gallon air storage tanks.  Will operate off of any air compressor you can plug into it.  Compressed air from storage tanks operate the internal components.  It's an upsized pellet gun on steroids.  This is not a potato gun.  There are no ignition sources.

Operating pressure : min= 20 psi  Max 120psi (tested so far)  max velocities on 8' barrel achieved at approximately 65 psi.

Functionality : muzzle load, smooth bore, iron sights. 

Weight : Appx 175 pounds with stand excluding air compressor.

Recoil : Excessive, needs muzzle break and design for larger diameter barrels.

Internal components and operations : CLASSIFIED  (We're not going to tell you)

Air Control Chamber : Prototype model 3" diameter,  new future model to be either 6" or 8" on big daddy to come

Air Feed Pipes : 1 1/2" x 2



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