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8 - 19 - 2010  5pm cst.... News Flash!!!!!!!   We are officially at T - 24 hours and counting.  The long awaited challenge is happening.  To the many disbelievers who said "I'll believe it when i see it".  Mission impossible #1 is being attempted to be filmed this weekend.  With a little bit of cooperation from those pesky hogs,  we're attempting what we believe will be a new world record.  We're going to set the standard high, because we know our loyal fans expect nothing less.  We're proposing to capture this feat from 6 different camera angles,  you can see all the expected carnage in real time, no tricks! 

Who can guess what we're up to?  oh yeah, disclaimer:  Kids, don't try this stunt at home.  This project is being attempted with a lot of attention being paid to maximize the safety of the film crew.  This project will require several hours of intense setup and careful planning.  of course wild animals don't always tend to cooperate as expected, but if luck will have it, this should be quite unbelievable.  That's why we're filming it. 


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