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Our Movies. 

??? v2.0 What's it going to look like ???


We're still out here, working hard to provide for you a quality production for your entertainment pleasure.  We have decided to develop our first show into a TV series format. We can get it launched much faster and as we are learning, it is considerably easier than a full blown movie. 

Yes, I know, there is just a limited selection below.  In the original  gunship trials we didn't have the vision and / or foresight to take a video camera along.  The two most recent attempts  we ran into rain forcing us to abort and save the video cameras and the second one, well lets say, there is a reason there is a pirate on the captain morgan bottle.  Don't let the pirate out.  I couldn't find much footage in that video that was worth publishing.  As a compromise, I added a random video link left to provide some extra entertainment.

Shooting Movies

1. DEHOGGER.COM (the TV series)

    a.  Wrath of a 50 Cal movie teaser #1 

    b.  Strike of the 30 cal. movie teaser #2

    c.  Dehogger.com infomercial  (still in filming, see we really are making head way)

2. The Evil Black Gun (series - coming out)

3. Machine Gun Movie (movie - script to be produced)

4. Fire, Brimstone and Explosions (movie - in filming)

Hunting Movies

1. Hog shot with a 50 BMG

2. Attack of the Dehogger  - (script in writing)

3. Return of the Dehogger - (script not quite in writing yet)

4. The Dehogger rides again - (we'll get around to this when the first two are done)


Coming soon,  one day we will have DVD videos for sale.  If you like the stuff we have here,  your going to love this.  We are filming both a sanitized for TV productions and the "non-sanitized" for private use versions.  You'll get a kick out of this.


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