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The old stuff below....

Minimum Primary Armaments:

2 overhead mounted Browning 1919A4 - 30cal Heavy Machine Guns

1 lower (passenger hard mount) Browning 1919A4  OR  22 cal gatling guns

1 .50 cal Barrett M82A1 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle with a full array of ammunitions.

2-3 target grade AR-15's  w/ day and 3rd gen. night scopes available as needed.

1  12ga Riot Shotgun w/ #4 buck when you just got to get close and dirty.


Full Time Accessories

Capacity for approximately 10,000 rounds of ammunitions without need for additional cargo trailer.

Intercom system for gunners and driver coordination with radio broad cast capable for 2nd gunship coordinated convergence on mass hog executions.

Full time daylight & infrared spot/searchlights so you can operate 24/7

Night vision TV- our new exclusive,  we can record in full digital video the entire assault for your eradication viewing pleasure.  Satisfaction Guaranteed!  This thing will put a grin on your face.



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