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***** NEW UPDATE  5-19-2011 *****


??? v2.0 What's it going to look like ???


Our beloved Dehogger has been RETIRED.  It has been a wonderful experience and we have had many successful adventures.  It has been permanently retired to a ranch where we're told it will continue it fight against the hog plague in this country. 

HOWEVER, the saga will continue.  Dehogger ver 2.0 is coming.  Actually, better than that,  It's already here.  We've already conducted 2 highly successful harvests in the past two weeks, and it has far surpassed even our wildest expectations, and we're not even done building on it yet.... giving it our own custom flavor of a very vicious bite! 

Our brand new machine has been refined and improved in every aspect we thought of.  We have redefined our own definition of what stealthy means.  We have proven on numerous occasions already, we can drive up to within 10- 15 yards before you even know we were there.  We travel nearly silently.  Gone to the past are the massive array of search lights and deafening  noise of our firepower.  The night is OUR friend, and no longer the ally of the menacing hogs.  We're 100% completely blacked out embracing IR technology to a whole new level. 

But don't forget the most important part, the Dehogger  ver 2.0's  new fangs!  Not only will you not see us coming, nor hear us coming, you won't be able to hear us taking care of business either!  Our new calling card will be "an unknown trail of brass and a pile of carnage"

We've going green.  We're quietly doing our part to save the world one pile of pork at a time......We're reducing our carbon footprint x2.....  & We're harvesting free range pork........


Please do your part,  help support our eco-friendly mission to aid in reducing the destructive nature of these free ranging beasts.  It's good for nature, it's good for the environment, it good for the farmers that grow our food and support our population and it's good for the future of people.



  Dehogger.com Infomercial    a fun video to see.  

Our Mission

Welcome to our webpage.  For those of you who disagree with what we are doing, please remember this is America!  You have every right to your beliefs and we respect that.  Please also remember that we also have every right to ours!   For those of you who support our cause, have a lot of excess money, and would like to be a guest gunner on one of our shows, PLEASE send money! We love our sponsors and we're going to give them all the credit they deserve. This is for all of you who share our same love of guns, machines, the thrill and camaraderie of the hunt, and sometimes beer....

  What is the Dehogger?  It's a machine but bigger than that, it's an Idea. It's a crew of misguided talent, a machine shop and a whole lot of free time.  We are continually making improvements to the Idea.    Everything on this machine is Real. 

Help Us!

The Dehogger team is currently taking applications now to conduct a free varmint eradication program for our upcoming movie.  It will be a full featured event to capture the hunt for a hopeful upcoming tv series.  You may be selected for an interview with the staff and film crew with promotion spots given for you ranch.  Please respond via email clicking the following link for more information: film my ranch at Dehogger.com

Business Profile

For the serious customer inquiry- WE'RE FOR HIRE.  If you have a problem-maybe you are tired of messing around with pathetic, traditional methods of hunting where you only take out a few animals (or terrorists) at a time-we can help.  The Dehogger is something that you don't see everyday. It's original, its tough, and it's FUN. If you want to have fun while getting rid of a problem, please give us a call. Click the General Information email link below.

Contact Information (who to blame)

Electronic mail
General Information:  Massive Firepower & Gore at Dehogger.com
Webmaster:   Hurry up and finish this site at Dehogger.com


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